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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Lau Tzu

Who is June Easton?

Research tells us that the relationship between a therapist/counselor and a client is as important as the person’s formal training. And so, rather than beginning by telling you about my education and professional experience, I would first like to introduce myself by sharing a little about who I am and my life’s journey––the path that has brought me to work as a Life Coach.

I have a strong commitment to my personal growth and feel excited about sharing things I have learned that were helpful to me with the clients in my Life Coaching practice. I seek opportunities to learn and push the boundaries of my understanding and abilities in order to continue my personal growth and to be able to help my clients to do the same.
Because I have experienced many of the same issues and life transitions that clients bring to me, I have a personal understanding of their struggles in life: I have experienced the ups and downs of marriage; the pain of divorce; the demands and joys of being a mother; the stressors of a career and juggling work and family responsibilities; and other curve balls life can throw. Currently, I am in a very fulfilling relationship and enjoy a wide variety of activities and endeavors: traveling and learning about foreign cultures, hiking, biking, experiencing the healing powers of nature, connecting with family and friends, and experiencing the support and joy those relationships provide. Nurturing all aspects of good health is a priority in my life and I maintain a mindful balance of exercise, healthy
diet, and meditation. Professionally, I have an MA in Guidance and Counseling and have twenty-three years of experience working as a psychotherapist in a variety of settings, including a Women’s
Center, a Community Mental Health Center, a University Counseling Center, and my own private practice. For the last fifteen years, I have worked as a Life Coach.

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